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One Punch Man Terrible Tornado Cosplay Costumes Customized

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    One Punch Man Terrible Tornado Cosplay Costumes Customized

    Brand: Rolecos

    Included: Dress

    Material: Uniform cloth

    Color: Black

    Anime: One Punch Man

    Character: Terrible Tornado

    Features: The costume is very suitable for the role Terrible Tornado. It is very comfortable to wear.

    Character Introduction:Terrible Tornado , at rank 2, is the top female superhero,Ch. 30 a petite 28-year-old woman with curly green hair, whose youthful appearance leads others to confuse her for a lost little girl.Ch. 30, Vol. 9 bonus As an esper she can perform psychic maneuvers such as telekinesisCh. 30 and levitation.Ep. 6 She has a younger sister named Blizzard.Vol. 3 bonus In the battle with the Dark Matter Thieves, she easily turns around a bunch of shells from the alien ship back into itself, doing tremendous damage.Ch. 34-35 She has a short temper and is often scolding people for their incompetence.Ch. 37 Blast is the only individual who Tornado sees in high regards and she awaits for his return.Ch. 106 In a battle against an octopus monster, she uses her power to crush it into a ball.Ch. 68 In the anime, Tornado is voiced by Aoi Yūki in Japanese, and by Marieve Herington in English.

    Care Instructions: Hand wash in cold water, hang to dry, no bleach


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