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One Punch Man Saitama With Vacant Look Cosplay Costumes Hat


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    One Punch Man Saitama With Vacant Look Cosplay Costumes Hat

    Brand: Rolecos

    Included: Hat



    Net Weight: 0.09kg

    Shipping Weight: 0.10kg

    Anime: One Punch Man

    Character: Saitama

    Features: With high quality material and excellent tailor skills, this costume will make you look very cute.

    Character Introduction:Saitama is a bald, ordinary looking man of average height and weight with a lean, well-built physique.Saitama is by far the most powerful hero in the universe, armed with limitless strength, speed, stamina, reflexes to match his speed, power negation, indomitable willpower, telekinetic resistance and indestructibility. His powers are based on improvements of typical human traits, and as such he cannot fly or project energy beams like other heroes. He is currently registered with the Hero Association as a B-Class Rank 7 professional hero (A-Class Rank 39 in the web comic) and is tasked to defend Z-City against Mysterious Beings. Due to his immeasurable strength, almost all of Saitama's opponents are taken out with a single, nonchalant punch. Even Boros, who once traveled the universe ravaging everything in sight with minimal effort, noted that Saitama was still holding back at the end of their fight and did not even try to unleash his true strength. Consequently, the upward extent of Saitama's power is still unknown.

    Care Instructions: Hand wash in cold water, hang to dry, no bleach