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Love Live! Nozomi Tojo Maki Nishikino Cat Bare Breast Sexy Cute Underwears Cosplay Costumes

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Love Live! Nozomi Tojo Maki Nishikino Cat Bare Breast Sexy Cute Underwears Cosplay Costumes

Includes: Underwears, neckwear

Material:Spandex Cotton cloth

Net Weight: 0.45kg

Shipping Weight: 0.65kg

Shown Color: White, Black

Care Instructions: Hand wash in cold water, hang to dry, no bleach

Features: Better close to the original character, this costume is not only cute but also sexy, which will make you really charming.

Character Introduction: Nozomi is the third-year student council vice-president, and the oldest of the group. She acts as the voice of reason to Eli, who was the first friend she made after spending her whole school life transferring from one place to another due to her parents' work, choosing to live by herself in order to stay in Otonokizaka. She also acts as the spiritual leader of the group, and has an almost all-knowing vibe to her, acting when she knew things got too far and even naming the group based on events that were yet to happen. Although she is not from that region, Nozomi speaks in Kansai dialect. Her hobby is fortune-telling, and she uses it to quickly fit in at a new school whenever she is forced to move. Despite having a serene personality, she has a rather mischievous side to her, and is prone to groping the other girls when she finds them distracted or depressed in a form of "cheering them up". Maki is a first-year honor student who comes from a wealthy family of doctors. She is a talented singer and pianist, but is expected to become a doctor and inherit her parent's hospital, which causes her to refuse joining μ's at first. She is initially haughty and standoffish, but eventually warms up to the group over the course of the series. Maki is the main composer and vocal coach of the group. She later becomes the vice president of the Idol Research Club.

Size: Asian Size, the size chart may have 1-3 cm error due to the measuring method.



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