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Love Live! Magician Awaken Honoka Kōsaka Cosplay Costumes

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Love Live! Magician Awaken Honoka Kōsaka Cosplay Costumes

Anime:Love Live!

Included: Top,skirt,cloak,tie,gloves,socks,shoe cover

Material: Uniform cloth,Satin

Color: Red

Care Instructions: Hand wash in cold water, hang to dry, no bleach!It will take 7- 15 days for customizing!

Features:The whole look is returning to the character setting! Exquisite digital printing, original edition metal accessory,elastic socks fitting any kind of leg shape. This costume is really a perfect work of Honoka Kōsaka Magician Awaken.

Character Introduction: Honoka is the main character of the series, and is a second-year student at Otonokizaka Academy. Her family works in a wagashi shop named Homura. She loves singing and has a cheerful and bubbly personality and she never gives up on anything, to the point of usually overexerting herself. She is shown to be lazy and reluctant to do work, but is highly driven when it comes to her school idol activities. Her hobbies include swimming and collecting stickers. She is the leader of μ's, and is seen taking center position in some of the group's songs. She later succeeds Eli as student council president.

Size S M L
Bust 91cm 97cm 102cm
Top Waist 76cm 80cm 84cm
Skirt Waist 58-92cm 62-96cm 66-100cm
Skirt Length 32cm 34cm 36cm