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Kiss Him, Not Me Hayato Shinomiya Cosplay Costumes Men Suits

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    Kiss Him, Not Me Hayato Shinomiya Cosplay Costumes Men Suits

    Anime:Kiss Him, Not Me

    Included: Coat, shirt. pants, tie

    Material: Uniform

    Net Weight: 1.36kg

    Shipping Weight: 1.66kg

    Color: Blue

    Care Instructions: Hand wash in cold water, hang to dry, no bleach!It will take 7- 15 days for customizing!

    Features: This costume is based on the hot anime Kiss Him, Not Me. This is daily wear of Hayato Shinomiya. This kind of suits can fully show your temperament. Classic suit coat, white shirt, maybe a little boring, just a red tie changes the whole look feeling. Young and modest!

    Character Introduction: A first year, and a member of the nursing committee, who started having a crush on Kae after she lost weight. He's characterized as a tsundere, more so than Nanashima, to everyone except for Kae. He is a klutz with an effeminate appearance. He is insecure about both traits, but tries to overcome them in an attempt to show Kae his 'cool side'. He's flustered easily and is prone to blushing. Thanks to his clumsiness he has a habit of face planting into Kae's chest. Unfortunately for him, Kae sees Shinomiya as a younger brother more than anything. He owns a female iguana named Thor, whom he cares for dearly. He is half Norwegian.

    Size S M L XL XXL
    Bust 82-85cm 86-89cm 90-93cm 94-97cm 98-102cm
    Waist 72-75cm 76-79cm 80-84cm 85-88cm 89-92cm
    Hip 84-87cm 88-91cm 92-95cm 96-99cm 100-103cm
    Height 163-167cm 168-172cm 173-177cm 178-182cm 183-187cm