Hoozuki no Reitetsu Minamoto no Yoshitsune Cosplay Costume

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$103.73 Special Price $82.98
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    Includes: Kimono

    Material: Uniform cloth

    Net Weight: 1.30kg

    Shipping Weight: 1.50kg

    Shown Color: Mixed

    Care Instructions: Hand wash in cold water, hang to dry, no bleach

    Features: The kimono is of good quality, it is designed according to the character of anime.

    Character Introduction: Minamoto no Yoshitsune was a general of the Minamoto clan of Japan in the late Heian and early Kamakura period. "It is evident that Yoshitsune had a genius for offensive warfare...and although Yoshitsune had no knowledge of naval warfare he had the advantage of an acute strategic insight and a quick eye for tactical chances. Yoshitsune was the ninth son of Minamoto no Yoshitomo, and the third and final son and child that Yoshitomo would father with Tokiwa Gozen. Yoshitsune's older brother Minamoto no Yoritomo (the third son of Yoshitomo) founded the Kamakura shogunate. Yoshitsune's name in childhood was Ushiwakamaru. Yoshitsune Minamoto is a general of Japan's Heian period who is famously known to have led the expedition which toppled the Ise-Heishi. Despite performing his tasks admirably for his clan, his return home was not welcomed and Yoshitsune perished at the hands of his trusted allies. But, it is said that Yoshitsune faked his death and ran away to another part of Japan to be safe with the woman he loved. Not much is known about the girl he was in love with, except that she was not a Japanese woman; she is a mystery woman who tended to Yoshitsune wounds after a battle. She was of a noble family that was killed by the Heishi Clan. Because of this, she stayed at the estate where Yoshitsune and his men were, and helped out the court ladies with their daily duties. Yoshitsune Minamoto fought many wars against different clans in order to maintain peace among the nations. He is considered one of the greatest and the most popular warriors of his era, and one of the most famous samurai fighters in the history of Japan.

    Size: Asian Size, the size chart may have 1-3 cm error due to the measuring method.

    Female Size(cm)

    Size S M L XL
    Height 153-157 158-162 163-167 168-172
    Bust 78-81 82-85 86-89 90-93
    Hip 84-87 88-91 92-95 96-99

    Male Size(cm)

    Size S M L XL
    Height 163-167 168-172 173-177 178-182168-172
    Bust 82-85 86-89 90-93 94-97
    Hip 84-87 88-91 92-95 96-99