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Fate Saber Alter Cosplay Costumes Female Evening Dresses

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    Fate Saber Alter Cosplay Costumes Female Evening Dresses


    Included:Top,skirt,coat,sleeves, bowknot

    Material: Satin

    Net Weight: 1.90kg

    Shipping Weight: 2.10kg

    Color: Dark Purple

    Care Instructions: Hand wash in cold water, hang to dry, no bleach!It will take 7- 15 days for customizing!

    Features: This costume is based on the Garage Kit, in 1:1 ratio. Exquisite printing and excellent fabric, surely make you a focus in the con!

    Character Introduction:Saber is Shirō's Servant for the Fifth Holy Grail War. Loyal, independent, and reserved, Saber acts coldly but is actually suppressing her emotions to focus on her goals. Her class is considered the "Most Outstanding", with excellent ratings in all categories. Since her Master cannot effectively provide her with Mana, she minimizes her activity to preserve her energy. Saber is frustrated by Shirō's "protective" tendencies, believing his erratic and reckless behavior will jeopardize their chances of winning the Holy Grail War.

    Size S M L
    Top Bust 78-88cm 84-94cm 89-99cm
    Top Waist 66-78cm 70-82cm 84-86cm
    Skirt Waist 60-71cm 64-75cm 68-79cm