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Dragon Ball Bulma Anime Cosplay Costumes Halloween Adults Children Costumes

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    Dragon Ball Bulma Anime Cosplay Costumes Halloween Adults Children Costumes

    Anime:Dragon Ball

    Included:Underwear, pants, dress, hair loop, shoe cover

    Material: Uniform cloth

    Net Weight: 1.50kg

    Shipping Weight: 1.60kg

    Color: yellow/black

    Care Instructions: Hand wash in cold water, hang to dry, no bleach

    Features: With high quality material and excellent tailor skills, this costume will make you a spot in the crowd.

    Character Introduction: Bulma is loosely based on the character Xuanzang from the Chinese classic novel Journey to the West. Bulma and Goku were the first pair of characters which were introduced in the manga and Toriyama stated that he subsequently introduced other characters in pairs because "that way, I’m able to explain the characters and their relationship to each other through their interactions. In my case, I feel that it isn’t good to insert too much narration. I suppose Goku and Bulma are representative of that." He further added that "as a child, Goku doesn’t know anything [of the world], so without Bulma, he’d be a character who didn’t say anything."The author also claimed that when the series started, his editor at the time, Kazuhiko Torishima, wanted Bulma and Goku to form a romantic relationship.

    Adult Size

    Size S M
    Bust 93cm 98cm
    Waist 66-76cm 71-81cm
    Dress Length 79cm 79cm
    Pants Length 99cm 100cm
    Underwear Length 46cm 48cm

    Kid Size

    Size S M L
    Bust 66cm 76cm 84cm
    Waist 58-69cm 61-71cm 66-76cm
    Dress Length 58cm 64cm 74cm
    Pants Length 69cm 86cm 87cm
    Underwear Length 36cm 41cm 43cm