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Sponsorship: We want you!

If you are have more inflencial and active in Social Media, such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter Or Blog. Are you ready for cooperating with us? We will provide free wig or costume for Sponsorship.

As for many cosplayers contact with us, now we would like to make the basic conditions clear.

For Instagram, we prefer cosplayers with at least 15000 followers

For Facebook , we prefer cosplayers with at least 10000 followers.

For YouTube, the view of each video should be above 1000 times. We prefer to search for cooperators on YouTube than other social media. Welcome any YouTubers with high popularity to cooperate with us.

Our basic requirements for sponsors as below:

1. Putting our logo and website link to your social media before we send you our item;

2. Post our logo and website link in the top at least two weeks and write our link to your introduction;

3. Joining in our cosplay group in FB (https://www.facebook.com/groups/258550361161018/)

4. After you receive it, we need you to write a review with 5 HD photos shots and make a video (please speck English and have the Enlish captions) for it also in your social media (We thought we can use them in our site or social media);

5. When you receive it, pls inform us by email (rolecosplay@gmail.com) and give us the review and video within two weeks;

6. Since it is the first time, we may need you to pay some shipping fee.

( P.S.the more you participate, the higher the chance we sponsor with you again. )

If you think it is ok, please contact us to send all youe social media by Email or Facebook.

About the cooperation with Youtube, the requirements will be some difference. More details you could contact us.

RoleCosplay email is: rolecosplay@gmail.com

Facebook Page:https://www.Facebook.Com/Rolecosplayshop.