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RoleCosplay: Lolita Wig Review

RoleCosplay sponsored this cute lolita wig! Here’s some information about this wig from their website:

Heat-resistant Fiber
Main Wig Length: 65 cm
Ponytail Length: 65 cm
Price: $21.50img_1924
You can use the exclusive coupon code “lilixiao” if you want to purchase something from RoleCosplay!

The wig was shipped to me in a L-email wig mailer; I assume that this wig is from the company L-email wig. RoleCosplay sells a variety of different wigs, and I am not sure if RoleCosplay sells wigs from different brands as well.


Upon opening the package, I found that the wig was safely packed inside. There was even a complimentary wig cap!


Since my old black wig cap is really beat-up now, I decided to use this new wig cap when I tried on this new wig. Here are some flash/no flash comparison images:


With flash, the wig looks shiny. Without flash, the wig has a healthy sheen and not much shine. I personally think the wig looks better with no flash!


The inside of the wig has a capless construction. The wig circumference is also adjustable with the elastics and hooks. This wig was not too tight on me (which is an issue I have with some wigs, since my hair is so thick). The wig cap that came with this wig was also great! It was one of the black netting ones that has a hole on top to make it easy to pull on and pull up. It’s really stretchy and can hold a lot of hair!


The color of this wig reminds me of taro! It’s a pretty purplish-brown color. The wig is curly and has straight bangs. I trimmed the bangs since they originally went down to my lips. If you don’t want to trim the bangs, you can also sweep them to the side or clip them to the sides. I didn’t cut or style anything other than the bangs, so this wig came in ready-to-wear condition. The curls were bouncy and beautiful, and the length was perfect! The jaw clips for the ponytails were easy to use. The wig is thick, and as you can see below, the wefts don’t show.


The two ponytail clips are so cute and bouncy! I love ponytail clip wig sets because they’re so versatile. You can wear the base wig on its own, with one ponytail clip, or with both ponytail clips. The ponytail clips were not too heavy and they were comfortable on my head.

I also made a YouTube video as a supplement to this review. The first part of the video is the wig review, and the second part of the video is a coordinate rundown.

I always need to do Jojo poses in Lolita fashion, hahaha! The wig was secure on my head and did not slide around at all. Does anyone else watch Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures? I’m currently on the Egypt arc of Stardust Crusaders. I love this anime!


To see more photos, check out this Facebook album; I’ll add more photos over time. Shout out to the photographer, Rick Joseph: thanks for shooting me!

Thanks so much for reading my review! Be sure to use the coupon code “lilixiao” if you’re shopping at RoleCosplay. Feel free to ask me any questions. ^_^ Hope you all have a great week!