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Rolecosplay Love Live Costume Review

Here is my review of my Kotori costume from Love Live, sponsored by Rolecosplay~!

To start with, this costume is only $20! :O I didn’t know any cosplay could have such a low cost haha.


The costume came with:

– the top

– the skirt

– the bow (pinned to the back of the skirt)

– the hat


The top zips up the side with an invisible zipper and the sleeves have velcro to make them tight. The skirt has an invisible zipper as well as an elastic stretchy waistband. The hat has a tiny alligator clip to clip to your wig, and the bow secures onto the back of the skirt with a safety pin.


I think it looks really cute overall! I enjoyed wearing it~ I wore it with a white petticoat underneath to make the skirt fuller, but its pretty full without the petticoat too!


A couple things I would have changed were that the central panel of white fabric is sheer, I would have preferred a more opaque fabric choice for that spot, but if you wear skin-colored undergarments, you should be OK! Also, the chains on the top were only attached to the buttons on one side of the top, I sewed the loose sides on the the buttons on the other side. The chains on the skirt attached with tiny safety pins, which I didn’t really mind because they are hidden.


Overall, I am pretty happy with this costume, especially considering that you can get it for just $20 haha.

Thank you very much to Rolecosplay for the costume! ^^