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Rolecosplay Review for Akiyama Mio Wig

Hello everybody,

My name is puddi and I’m here today to do a quick wig review for rolecosplay.

They send me this really pretty black wig and yeah, I’m here to give you my opinion about it. Quick disclamer, als you can probably tell, English is not my first language so i really hope you can understand me ;w; I’ll try my best. Let’s get started!

(mine did came with a wig cap which is very nice )

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First of all it’s a really comfortable wig. I’ve been trying to record this video for 6 days now and i had to wear this wig for 4 hours each day. And i never felt discomfort while wearing it. So that’s pretty good.

The inside of the wig is very big. So if you have a lot of hair it will probably fit all under it and this wig has those little strap thingies so you can adjust it to your head size.


The bangs on this wig were really long. So there is enough room for cutting and styling. I brushed my to the side here


The quality is pretty decent. It’s not really shiny. Black wigs are always a bit more shinier than other colored wigs but this one is pretty okay. Maybe a bit on top but more down it looks way more natural.

It has a lot of hair but it doesn’t lose as many as i thought it would. Most of the time when i brush my wigs i could make a new wig out of the hairs that they lost. But this one doesn’t lose that much hair when i brushed it so I am really happy about that.

unnamed (1)

The only bad thing i could say about this wig is that it tangles really fast. It untangles fast tho. But I’ve been wearing this wig for an hour now today and it’s already starting to get tangles up so yeah that’s the only bad this i can say.

Overall it’s a pretty good wig with a good price I’ll give it an 8.5/10. I’m gonna use this one for my alluka cosplay. Big thanks again to rolecosplay for sponsoring this wig. Make sure to check them out on their website and social media. They have a site full of cosplay wigs props and so much more.

And I also make a short video for it.


Thank you all so much for watching and i hope you have a nice day. Goodbye !