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Popular Attack on Titan Characters Cosplay

Attack on Titan must be one of the most popular anime in recent years. However, who is the most popular Attack on Titan character and Who is the most welcomed character in cosplay circle. Today, I will show you the answer.

Attack on Titan said a story that one day Titan suddenly appeared in human world and killed lots of people. After that, human build some high walls to protect themselves. However, it’s still dangerous to living in walls. The protagonist of Attack on Titan, Eren attend the human arm with his friend for defeat Titan. Then, lots of unexpected things happened.

You may think that the protagonist Eren should be the most popular character. You are wrong if you think so. The most popular Attack on Titan character is Levi. He is far more popular than others. There is the list.

No.1  Levi   3953 votes

No.2  Eren Yeager   2244 votes

No.3  Mikasa Ackerman   2232 votes

No.4  Sasha Blouse   818 votes

No.5  Krista Lenz   664 votes

No.6 Annie Leonhart   452 votes

No.7  Hange Zoë   388 votes

No.8  Reiner Braun   348 votes

No.9  Jean Kirstein   310 votes

No.10  Armin Arlert   290 votes


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