Korean Cosplayer’s Gender-bending Cosplays Keep Us Mesmerized

I like looking at wonderful factors, and bishounen  figures in cartoons and manga are one of my preferred kinds of eye sweets. Cosplayers, whom I like to consider as special fairies that are able of transcending the limitations of sex, age and truth, are the awesome individuals who carry these wonderful 2-D figures into our 3-D globe. Role cosplay are just fantastic.68608_590448134352604_1006417149_n


We’ve seen many men cosplayers who sometimes look even more attractive than real ladies when they’re wearing their costumes, so we’re looking for a change. Fulfill Lita LY, a Southern Korean women cosplayer who looks lovely with female costumes such as Sailor Moon and bishounen costumes such as Kuroshitsuji as well!

From a viewer’s viewpoint, I’d suppose that it is a complicated task to accomplish a effective cosplay of bishounen figures as they are in a group of their own; men figures with a male’s whole body but sensitive, wonderful face functions like female’s, yet still maintaining a sign of maleness in their slimmer chiselled encounters.

But just as there are male cosplayers who look stunning as cute girls, there are female cosplayers who look great as beautiful boys, and Lita LY from South Korea is one of them. First, let’s check out her cosplays as female characters!





Buy this costume on goo.gl/kHRmPe


Now, it is time for gender-bending.



Buy this wig on goo.gl/s7uKnq


We can’t deny that those pictures are awesome with such significantly different looks. I’m even a little bit jealous of Lita’s ability to do that. Which cosplay do you like more? The female cosplay or male cosplay?

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