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Get ready for you Halloween cosplay! Cosplays recommendations from RoleCosplay

What will be your cosplay in Halloween 2023? If you have already made plans for a Halloween cosplay, then come to our site to pick out the cosplay you need! Our site now has many cosplays in stock and ready to be shipped! Guaranteed to receive your favorite cosplay before Halloween!

If you haven’t made choice yet, keep reading and I’ll introduce you some of the most popular Halloween cosplays from RoleCosplay! Hope these can bring you inspiration!


1.  Halloween Nun or Witch?

If you have no idea which anime or game to cosplay, try a regular Halloween costume. This year we prepare some original design costumes for Halloween, you can choose to be a nun or a witch, grab your candle or broom and join the amazing party!

We prepare two nun costumes with different designs for you, you can match them with wigs of different colors to make the overall more perfect. As well as some costumes designed for children. Give children an unforgettable Halloween!


2. Popular IPs: Genshin Impact and League of Legends


RoleCosplay’s most popular IPs this year are Genshin Impact and League of Legends. There are a lot of ready-made cosplays in the two game cosplay categories. If you purchase ready-shipped cosplays, your costume can be guaranteed to be dispatched within 48 hours on working days. At the same time, we have developed and produced many cosplays from the two IPs, and their quality and price have been praised by our customers.

In these two pictures I show you a small selection of ready-shipped cosplays. You can go to our site to search for more cosplays you need.

3. Bunny Girl Cosplay (Original and Genshin Impact Series)

If you are planning to choose Genshin Impact character as your cosplay plan but want to be more unique, the Genshin Impact Bunny Girl series originally designed by Rolecosplay must be your best choice! Incorporate the character’s representative elements and colors into the design of the bunny girl’s cosplay, you will be the most unique!

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