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New Cosplays of Soraka and Sona: LOL Immortal Journey Skins

Soraka and Sona‘s new cosplays are coming! We have added more techniques and craftsmanship to the two cosplays, hope you enjoy them!

1.Soraka Cosplay

Our designers added deformable soft iron wire to the streamers and hem on the back of Soraka’s cosplay, which makes the streamers on the clothes more three-dimensional. You can make some shapes at will, as if the clothes are blown by the wind  up, or like flying Soraka.


The belt is made of leather, and we have a HOOK&LOOP design on the back. You can adjust the size according to the comfort of wearing it. And it’s very strong and won’t fall off easily.



We custom made Soraka cosplay headgear, waist and arm decorations. The size of the headgear can be adjusted according to your size, so that it will be more comfortable and secure to wear, and you don’t have to worry about losing some precious decorations at the comic show.


The jumpsuit is also stretchy, and we used digital printing technology to make its color more faithful to Soraka’s image in the game.


2.Sona Cosplay

We used amazing materials to make Sona’s cosplay, and the sleeves of the dress will shine and change color in the sunlight. If you are interested, you can watch videos showing the details of the costumes on our IG and YouTube accounts, which will allow you to experience more of the charm of Sona cosplay.

ImmortalJourneycosplay_lolcosplay_sonacosplay_sorakacosplay_leagueoflegendscosplay6 ImmortalJourneycosplay_lolcosplay_sonacosplay_sorakacosplay_leagueoflegendscosplay5

The designer added hidden buttons to the chest of this cosplay, and also added HOOK&LOOP designs to the neckline and wrists, making it easier for you to put on and take off this costume without damaging the costume.


Two long streamers are the characteristics of Sona’s skin in this game. We added soft iron wires to the streamers. You can stand them up or roll them into any shape to show better effects when taking photos and recording videos.



If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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