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New LOL Cosplays Giveaway

Hey guys, new LOL cosplays of Ahri & Seraphine are on hot sale! To thank your continued polling for cosplayplans to help us choose, we prepared a giveaway event on our Instagram account for everyone!


Ahri-Snow Moon                Seraphine-Faerie Court

Prize: Two New LOL Cosplays

One winner to get a free Ahri Snow Moon costume!

One winner to get a free Seraphine Faerie Court costume!

( We will announce the winners on Aug 31st)


How to participate?

Follow @rolecosplaycostume.

Like the IG post & Share to your IG story.

Comment a new LOL cosplay plan we don’t have. (We plan to bring you more LOL cosplays)

Comment Ahri or Seraphine you want.

(Get all LOL cosplays on our site!)


LOL Cosplays

In addition to the Snow Moon Ahri and Faerie Court Seraphine that are on sale, we also have many beautiful cosplay costumes, like the pictures below!

If you are interested in these LOL cosplays, please click on the keywords to jump to the corresponding website page for more details.



Kaisa-Star Guardian              Sona-Star Guardian                 Irelia-Mythmaker 


Xayah-Star Guardian                     Akali-Star Guardian              Seraphine-Star Guardian


Vi-Heartache & Heartthrob                    Ahri-Spirit Blossom                Evelynn-Spirit Blossom



We only have this ONE Offical IG Account, do not trust any other account.

We won’t contact anyone until we announce the winners in this account in the form of a post.

If someone sends you an unknown link under our name, please don’t click, at least send us a message for confirmation.

Each person can only attend once.


Good Luck!

RoleCosplay make your cosplay dream come to life.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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