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Rolecosplay Summer New Arrival

July summer new arrival update! In July, fresh anime were coming out one after another. The games were also frequently updated with exciting content. Under such a popular situation, how could one not wear a fresh cosplay costume to attend a comic convention? Come and see what new arrival RoleCosplay has updated this time, hoping to bring fresh inspiration to your cosplay plan!


  1. League of Legends


    Ahri’s new skin: Food Spirits! Orange soda-flavored Ahri brings a little freshness to your hot summer days. Flash leather makes the color of the costume more eye-catching, and a variety of orange elements in the details of the decoration is also very lovely and beautiful. Don’t miss Ahri’s lovely skin!

  2. Nikke: Goddess of Victory

    For this new series, we have added Dorothy and Viper from Nikke: Goddess of Victory. A beautiful dress made of white silk and a sexy one-piece bunny suit made of flash leather, are like costumes for angels and demons. 
    We plan to update more costumes in this game-related category. which character would you like to wear a cosplay costume? Welcome to our Instagram account to comment or send DM and let us know which characters to design, produce and update!
  3. Honkai: Star Rail

    This time we have brought costumes from Fu Xuan and Imbibitor Lunae, both of which are full of details. There are lotus patterns on the hem of Imbibitor Lunae’s costume, and Fuxuan’s costume is the pattern of astrological signs. The details of the costumes fit the character’s identity well. Fu Xuan according to astrology work, Imbibitor Lunae is often sitting on the lotus plate, the ordinary attack is also an illusion out of a lotus.


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