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Wonderful Cosplay Makes “Big Hero 6” Outstanding

Tumblr user Jin, together with a group of friends, has created an outstanding Big Hero 6 cosplay that is going viral. One photo set in particular, in which the group reenact the scene where Hiro and Baymax meet for the first time, has received tens of thousands of reblogs.


Jin says a lot of people think the series is actually stills from the movie at first glance, or that the images have been computer-generated. But really it’s just clever costuming and makeup.


The cosplayers were initially inspired by Jin’s close resemblance to Hiro, but decided to go all-out when they watched Big Hero 6 and fell in love with the movie.


Jin identifies with Hiro on a personal level, making the cosplay all the more special:
I’m going to get a bit personal here, and explain why these similarities mean a lot to me. These are traits that aren’t usually associated with protagonists, and having those characteristics growing up was a constant hindrance to my dwindling self-confidence when I was little.


It would have meant the world to me if as a little kid, I had a character like Hiro to identify with and look up to and feel like it was okay to be me. To help me feel that being smart and even being a little weird-looking were good things. And I would have felt more like I could be brave and brilliant and inspirational too.


When you guys send me these sweet messages to tell me you enjoyed my portrayal of Hiro, or when you let me know that I’ve been helpful to you in any way, it’s like that little me from the past is getting a fistbump of reassurance and I just really appreciate that.