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Adorable Costumes are Made by A Mother For Her Daughter To Disney World

This is Lane Rouch, she’s a very lucky 3-year-old. Her mom Jennifer makes her amazing costumes for her to wear to Disney World.
Jennifer puts all of Lane’s amazing Disney looks on a blog and on Instagram, which you should obviously check out.


The Rouch family live about 30 minutes from Disney World and are self-described “Disnerds” so they end up at the park about once or twice a week.

Lane is a bit of a park celebrity and they even put her to work in the Main Street Confectionery a few weeks ago!

There’s obviously no wrong way to take your kid to Disney World, but it seems like Jennifer Rouch figured out an extra-special way to do it.

Aside from the child being about the cutest thing on earth and her mother being extremely talented. Look how genuinely thrilled they look to see her! None of them are half-assing it, as if we would expect anything different from Disney and they are all perfection in their interaction with the little girl.