What’s the basic tools for style cosplay wig?

What’s the basic tools for style cosplay wig?

If we want to make the wig more beautiful, we will use some tools.

Scissor. There are 2 types of scissor, straight scissors and teeth scissors.  Teeth scissors are the main tools to style wig.


Ripples comb. It’s easy to have static electricity when comb the wig so that we’d better use  ripples comb to take care the wig.


Wig Care Solution. We could buy this together when we buy wig,we can use the solution to protect the wig.


Hair Wax. This one sometimes is must one. we can use hair wax on wig also. For cosplay, this will help a lot.


Hair spray.  We use this for hair final sizing. Or use it for the first step to fix the wig. After use this, the hair will become harder.


Curling iron. We can use curling iron on wig also, but it depends on the type of wig. Some wig are not suitable for use this, cause some wig will not bear the hot temperture. Different type of curing iron and wigs will have different effect.


Here is all the basic tools for style the wig. Do you have all? : )

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