How to make LOL Star Guardians prop star?

Today we will talk about the process for how to make cos prop star~

First, we make a 3D model for what we want to design in a computer. For example, we want to do the cos start on LOL Ahri’s costume. So that we make a star design in computer, like the pictures show below.

star1 star2


Then, we use 3D Printer to print the model.


We check carefully for the model print and adjust the model until we are satisfied.


This is the picture after we adjusted. Next we will paint the color.


After the color dry, the cos prop star is done!

It’s beautiful that put the star on  Star Guardian Ahri’s dress from  League of Legends, isn’t it?


That’s all the basic process for how to do the cos prop star~ subscribe us to read more!