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Unsolved Questions of Anime “Attack on Titan”

In the 57th Corps of Attack on Titan, Ani’s identity has been found by Amin when they do survey abatement wall large numbers of troops were seen and then to snatch Allen also failed. Ani silently tears in forest, which only because the war failed? When hearing the news that Eren extradited Ani appears to be quite surprised, this part Ani said to the same period gendarmerie the longest and most meaningful dailogue, it is worth noting that after listening to ponder the words of Ani’s, Marlowe’s thoughts, “so it is not humans need to change, but the frame itself”, which may be one of the reason to speak it by Marlowe.

In the tunnel entrance, Ani acknowledged identity when facing Eren, Mikasa and Amin, while asked about “have you killed the two giants?” Ani’s answer is I do not know, does she had to lie you, or to hide the murderer only for the device? So the final question lies in Ani fight for what? And why they want to take Eren anyway.

Memories arrested again appeared in front of her father, “Ani, it is wrong, I do not expect your forgive, and only one thing to ask of you, even if you are the enemy to everyone, even if the whole world hate you, I will always support you, so be sure to come back, “Ani tears again. Here, “back” must be their homeland, then what is the wrong thing referring to?

Do giants have the ability to speak? Ymir destroy the tower after the first Giant in the top of the tower of the moment to say ” tired to live”, which is the evidence that her giant still maintains the ability to speak. But Eren’s Giant visual inspection should not be able to speak, confined to roar, though he animated the first Giant mental activity “is not enough, I would kill more,” there is the voice, we heard the voice of Eren Giant But that is not really talking.

Unsolved Questions of Anime
In addition to this section on the back of the mental activity changes back to Eren own voice, should be related to the existence of human consciousness? Some paintings can be seen inside the Giants when Eren mouth to the throat and the Giants are not together, a new episode of the animation is in the giant body with his own voice called out that way. “In addition trio Giant Whether able to speak is not known, but it seems not all Eren Giants have the ability to speak. back Ymir the giant trees to Eren’s message, “Our structure and you are not the same I do not know “to see, especially the trio put their plan to the side and put Allen as human beings. So if Ymir may trio probably will do so.

Unsolved Questions of Anime

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