RoleCosplay Review —- Tsushima Yoshiko Long Blue Wig

Hello everyone! Today i will be reviewing a wig from Rolecosplay, which is a well known cosplay company that sells, wigs, costumes, and cosplay shoes as well!

I had some trouble picking a wig that i wanted.. As you may know, i will be cosplaying little devil kotori and i was considering getting the curly kotori wig, but i thought that was kind of a waste since i already have a kotori wig that i could lightly curl.

I chose the Yoshiko wig, from Love live sunshine. She’s my best girl in aquors, followed by You. My best girl in muse is Kotori, so it’s quite the change of best girls :’)


I’m not planning to cosplay any versions of Yoshiko, because i don’t really like the aquors outfits other than the Aquarium one, but i’m cosplaying You from that outfit. I don’t really like the Aquors outfits as much as i like the muse ones.. >< But hopefully cuter cards will start coming out!

Shipping and packaging!

So the shipping was very fast, it took less than a week i believe! It arrived in a plastic baggie! The wig had nets around the main part and the bun, which is very nice! There was also an included wig cap!

Wig details:


Here’s the wig with flash on! It’s a dark blue color, and its perfect for both Yoshiko and even Umi if you trim the bangs right. The bangs come straight but you still need to trim them to fit your face shape!


IMG_0597Here’s the bun! It’s a bun attached to a clip attachment and its surprisingly comfortable! It’s so cuteeeeee!!


The wig is actually quite long, as you can see here! It’s very thick and soft as well.

Photo time!





I also used this wig to test Umi! My eyes started to water as i put my lenses in, so yeah :’)) enjoy a crying umi LOL


So this is the end, I enjoyed working with Rolecosplay a lot and i look forward to future opportunities with them!

Video show >>




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