Review For Cosplay Suit!

Today is the review for cosplay suit. It is always so popular.


Price: 68.99$

Size: S  ❤️5/5

The size is perfect. I was a little worried , since it’s a body suit, I was scared if the legs would be too big and be saggy, but for a S it’s perfect on me. It looks so nice, it’s made quite tight fitting, it felt fine on me but if your bigger then just be aware.


Comfort/outfit ❤️4.5/5
Quite comfy. I would wear to a con, and it’s nice to sit in and doesn’t feel awkward. It’s flexible, it doesn’t feel like it will rip if I do some movements and stuff. But I didn’t like how it was a whole body suit so the glove part was attached. I couldn’t even text, so I cut holes on my thumbs. Either way it’s nice!


Accuracy ❤️4.5/5
It’s like d.vas suit, it’s just flat, it’s only a body suit so it doesn’t have any foam pads and stuff to make it more 3D. Either way looks like her suit!


Shipping/service ❤️2.5/5
They are really nice! Will answer all your questions and concerns politely, and answer very quick. The shipping tho took over 5 weeks. It was terribly slow, I didn’t even think it would show up (Sorry to choose a wrong post shipping, it usually takes 10-20 business days for post shipping to Canada ^-^ )

Overall: 3.9/5 ❤️
Very beautiful suit! Just took a lot of time. Please feel free to check them out. I buy from them frequently they have amazing deals and cosplays! And thank you Rolecosplay for this opportunity!

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