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Rolecosplay Review Bleach Matsumoto Rangiku Whole Suit

Greetings everyone, today I’ll be doing a written review on Rolecosplay’s quality of Wigs and Cosplay outfits. I received Bleach’s Matsumoto Rangiku Cosplay and a 65cm Long Orange Wavy Wig .

*This was a sponsored review

Please keep in mind that the cosplay was made to my measurements, Chest-32” Waist-25” Hips-40”, 5ft tall.


Let’s start with the wig. All wigs come with a free wig cap. Packaging was basic, it was in a plastic bag, folded up neatly with a hair net over it with cardboard guard surrounding and protecting the wig. The wig itself is a vibrant orange that is neatly curled. It’s a medium weight, not heavy but not thin to the point you see the wefts. The weight of the wig is the Goldilocks perfect middle. It does have clips in the back to adjust to every head size as well. The Bangs of the wig go down to my chin, giving the option to cut and style or keeping them long. The fibers a soft synthetic that is also heat resistant and do not frizz easily. All in all, the wig has a seal of approval.


Moving onto the Cosplay. The fabric used majority of the cosplay is Uniform Cotton. The only thing that is not is the scarf, which is a salmon pink of silk-ish fabric. The top is 2 robes, one white other back, have ties on the side to keep the robe in place. Giving you the ability to show as much or as little cleavage you desire. The sleeves are true to character, wide and flowing.

The pants look like traditional Hakama, with the pleats and openings on the side. But instead of tying the sides, they use large Velcro strips. The length of the pants are super high above my ankles, when they need to be longer to fit Rangiku’s character design. Leaving me to go and hunt down pants to buy for this cosplay.


The Obi, the waist band, is actually a well stitched, long wrap. This is useful with all body types, giving the freedom to adjust to your size. The badge is also uniform fabric that has been made stiffen. The logo on the badge seems very well done, so I am not worried about it wearing down. Also, the badge has a metal clip to place the badge where ever you want. The other attachment of the obi is her bow. The Bow its large and in charge, in a good way of course. It does not flop around and is also very well made. To place the bow on the obi, they put a large bobby pin on the back side of the bow. This also helps with the obi, keeping it very secured to your body.


All in all, I love Rolecosplay. However, even though this was a sponsored cosplay, I needed to pay $50 out of pocket for shipping. They are very active on their social media accounts and reply to emails. The website lays everything out easily with sizing charts and estimated time to work on the cosplay itself. You also have the option to get the cosplay custom fitted. When the cosplay is finished they will email you with the shipping number. When the cosplay was finished it was Shipped 6/3/2016 and Delivered on 6/6/2016. If you need to buy a cosplay or fun wig, check out Rolecosplay.