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Judy Wigs Review For Rolecos

Hello! I haven’t posted anything in a while, basically because I’m working on Settimo Arcano and on my Youtube channel! It’s really hard to update two blogs and edit videos and photos and make new costumes at the same time ( ゜ロ゜)”

But let’s go back to the main topic! I received this lovely wig from Rolecos and it’s just perfect to cosplay Judy Hopps from Zootopia!
The quality is really good. The twintails are soft and the fiber is opaque and smooth. In my opinion, the stock picture doesn’t really show how nice this wig is, probably because of the direct flash light.
The price too is surprising! Only 12.99$! I’m super happy with this wig. It has a good quality and it’s also super cheap!

Rolecos wig also gave me a tracking number, and the parcel reached my house in one month. I recommnend you this shop because the price range of its products is one of the lowest I’ve ever seen, without giving up on the quality.

Judy Wigs Review For RolecosJudy Wigs Review For Rolecos