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RoleCosplay Double 11 Sale & Member’s Day & Giveaway

Double 11 is coming soon, do you have any shopping plan?

RoleCosplay has a big sale for Double 11 and Member’s Day. On Instagram and Facebook, there is a Giveaway too.


The event is from NOV. 8TH to NOV. 11TH.

Here are the detials about Double 11 Sale and Member’s Day.

  •  20% off sitewide with code “ROLECOS20”.
  •  Free keychain for first 20 orders every day!


  • 10% refund via gift card:
    🔹 Orders ≥ $50: $5 Gift Card
    🔹 Orders ≥ $100: $10 Gift Card
    🔹 Orders ≥ $150: $15 Gift Card


  • The gift card amount increases based on the amount of the order.
  • Gift card will be sent before Black Friday Sale.
  • Gift card only can be used during Black Friday Sale.
  • Gift card can be used with coupon code and points together.


RoleCoslay Giveaway:


If you have any question, you can find us in below ways: