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Review For Yuri On Ice Victor Nikiforov Cosplay Suits

Today’s review id for this wonderful Victor Nikiforov cosplay!


Cosplay details: 9.5/10

The cosplay has all of the symbols Victors actual suit has in the show, including the Olympic Rings! And is made of breathable and well made sports material. It’s stretchy and breathable. The details are all accounted for. The one thing that could be seen as a draw back is that they’re screen printed not embroidered (however the patches on the sleeves are embroidered) they still look great though and the printing is super high quality.


Sizing: 10/10

I followed the size chart and ordered a large female cosplay and it fits me absolutely perfectly I didn’t have to do anything to this cosplay at all!


Shipping: 9/10

The shipping was prolonged but that’s mainly my fault cause the item was out of stock and I decided to wait for the restock instead of choose something else. But that being said it shipped on February 7th and I received it the weekend after Katsu so around the 20th which is rather fast for shipping all the way from China!


Overall: 10/10

This cosplay is amazing it’s accurate and comfortable and just all around great, I’d definitely have purchased this myself after seeing the quality. I can’t wait to wear it to more cons!


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