Review For Tokyo Ghoul One-Eyed Owl Eto Yoshimura Cosplay Costume

I got this gorgeous Eto cosplay from Rolecosplay !

Quality: 9/10
The quality is amazing. I never thought it would be this amazing. I touched it and it felt so nice! I love the fabric they used and they made it so well. Truly an amazing costume. The colours are right, it feels good when you wear it. This is the perfect costume!

Quality VS Price: 10/10
The quality is AMAZING for the price you pay. I seriously suggest to get your Eto cosplay at Rolecosplay. The quality is amazingly good and it’s not expensive at all!

Costume VS Anime: 10/10
The costume looks EXACTLY like the one Eto is wearing in the anime Tokyo Ghoul. You get like the white bandages with the cosplay, the details are amazingly well done, I seriously love this outfit like it looks so much like the real outfit that Eto is wearing.

Website pictures VS Real pictures: 10/10
Whatever you see on their website, is what you get. There is no false advertisement at all!
I loved the way it looked on the pictures on their website, and I fell in love even more when I finally received this cosplay.
Overal: 9/10
This cosplay is amazing. It fits super well, the details are fantastic and the quality is perfect. I don’t regret choosing this cosplay from their store.

You should totally check out Rolecosplay because their store is trustworthy, their service is super good and they are just amazing in every way.
Do you want this costume or any other? Don’t hesitate and go buy the gorgeous cosplays at Rolecosplays’ webshop!




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