[Review] Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours Uniform

Hi guys!~
Today I want to write a review about this perfect uniform I received from Rolecosplay.

As always I will add some photos in which you can see all the useful details and the final result on me, I really hope you like it. ♡












I really love this Love Live cosplay because it is very close to the original one, the quality is very high and the price is really cheap. At the moment there’s also a sale going on, so you can buy the uniform for only $24.00!

The size I took is an S, I usually wear an XS/S and it fits me perfectly so I found the sizes very close to the standards and I don’t think that you will have problems with it, anyway you should always check the size’s chart.

size for lovelive

Mine is the summer uniform and it has the red ribbon, but you can choose between all the colors as yellow, green and red and you can also buy the wintry one.

The skirt is not too short, you are totally safe with it ahah! Also this cosplays has various buttons and zips to wear it properly.

Another thing that made me think “how cute!” was the pin: it is detailed and well made.

This cosplay is sooo comfortable to wear and the fabric is very good.

I totally recommend buying from this shop, it is one of my favorites, trust me. =^^=

Rating: 9/10

Buy the costume here: https://www.rolecosplay.com

Here’s some photos for you:






Source: https://www.facebook.com/nymphahri/