Overwatch Mei Mei-Lin Zhou Cosplay Makeup from a boy XD

Game Overwatch is popular all over the wrold. The character Mei-Lin Zhou is one of the character in the game. Do you think she is so cute?

Now  Overwatch Mei Mei-Lin Zhou Cosplay Makeup from a boy, Let’s look it.


Step 1. 

Prune eyebrowns, Set everything with powder!

1 makeup

Step 2.

Use brown eyebrow pencil to paint eyebrow shape and fill it, use black brow powder to fill it again.

2 makeup

Step 3. 

Use nose shadow contacting the nose and apply light orange eye shadows in the all upper eyelid.  Then apply deep orange eye shadows deeply in the outer corner of the eye.

3 make up 4 makeup

Step 4.

Apply your eyeliner then.

5 makeup 6 makeup

Step 5.

Glue on your fake lashes and blend them into your natural ones.

7 makeup

Step 6.

Apply orange blush and a little bit of orange pink lip tint on your lips.

Step 7.

Finally, wearing the cosplay wig, cosplay costume and balck glasses.

Please do it and you will more like the Mei and enjoy it^^

cosplay 3

Could you get it?

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