Janna Star Guardian Cosplay from RoleCosplay Sponsor

Let’s look the grade for the Janna Star Guardian Cosplay.

Cosplay Global: 9/10

Cosplay details: 9/10

Costume Sizing: 10/10

Wig: 10/10

Shoes: 10/10

Shipping: 10/10


Now the LEAGUE OF LEGENDS Star Guardian is very popular. Janna belongs to one character in the Star Guardian before. About the Janna,

Janna is a character that our sponsor @CordewaZantetsuken have always liked but she never dared with any of her Skins, but the Star Guardian she fell in love, and she did not even think about it: P


The truth is that she is very happy with this cosplay.



The suit is formed by two parts, the part of the chest and the neck (upper part) and the skirt (part inferior). The quality of the fabrics are really good, the only glue I see is the white top that the fabric is very fat and some heat, instead the skirt is super comfortable because it has an elastic that fits your waist perfectly.


The details are great, as much for the part of the stars of the suit and boots as for the fabrics of brightness with pure precious. The stockings with elastic, so that they fit perfectly to the legs of your, and they wear the ornament in the gold for the subject so that it does not fall, the part of the arms are not elastic, but still do not slip or move, the shoes are made to measure and therefore as much perfect as in details as in comfort.


The suit is very comfortable, so you can wear it for a long time without being disturbed, so you can wear it in any kind of spring-summer convention.


The wig is also from Rolecosplay. The wig is quite good both in fiber and in the amount of hair, in addition has the gradient and made in fiber !!!. Both the wig and the ponytail are of very good quality !! :RE



The details of the head and cane are echos by our sponsor.

Review by : https://goo.gl/MZCbiv

Buy it: boots : https://goo.gl/2E7Urk

Janna Costume: https://goo.gl/yA9P7v

Cosplay  wig: https://goo.gl/HKi72H

Video Showcase: https://goo.gl/2P7KuP

In the end, thanks for our sponsor.