New Activity – SECKILL by RoleCosplay

Hi girls and boys,

On shopping online, have you take part in SECKILL activity?

When join it, are you excited for it?

Now we will make SECKILL activity for our fans and buyers.

Thanks for your love and support!


Now we wanna to introduce the activity rules:

  1. Pleasefirst register to become our member in our online shop:
  2. One account, only buy one SECKILL product
  3. Every week, we will choose 3 items that is chosen by our fans
  4. You could save up to 30% or more
  5. Please leave comment with product link or picture (the item could be that our shop doesn’t have)
  6. Once choose 3 items, will we make the seckill in a fixed time (Standardsby East Area 8)

About the fixed time, when do you wanna to join the SECKILL?

For Example, Friday, 17:00pm

Waiting for your comment^^