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Lolita Dress Makes You A Kawaii Girl

To focus on one type of Lolita fashion, Japan Culture turns to the expertise of New York-based accessories designer Jen Green, who attended Japan Society’s Lolita fashion discussion on February 5. In this special guest post, Jen deconstructs the Lolita look and phenomenon for the uninitiated.

lolita dress fashion
Petticoats, sugar-coated pastels, lace, over-sized bows and ruffles worn with beautiful ornate full skirt dresses in sweet prints and accessorized with knee socks and mary janes. I haven’t seen this much frill outside of Takeshita Dori in Harajuku! This is not the typical attire one would see on a frigid February night in Manhattan, but the winter weather didn’t stop ladies from coming out in their Lolita finest to attend Japan Society’s Lolita Fashion: Costume or Culture? The evening was part panel, part fashion show followed by a meet-and-greet reception.

lolita fashion
Lolita fashion was popularized on the streets of Harajuku in the 1990s. Heavily detail-oriented and extremely feminine, Lolita fashion was Japan’s interpretation of the Rococo & Victorian eras. Jumper skirts layered with petticoats and blouses are the quintessential Lolita cupcake silhouette. Once only found in Japan, the Lolita fashion trend has spread globally in the past decade.


Lolita Dress Makes You A Kawaii Girl
A panel of Lolita fashion experts, moderated by Gwynn Galitzer, spoke about what Lolita fashion is to them. Galitzer is a performance artist and founder of Dirty Bird Productions, a creative network and full-service event management community. As a moderator this was her introduction to Lolita fashion, and she embraced that by dressing the part. Looking kawaii in a pastel pink and blue Sweet Lolita ensemble, Gwynn was excited to learn more about Lolita fashion from the panel of experts.

Lolita Dress Makes You A Kawaii Girl

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