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Ymir’s Mystery on Attack on Titan

Amir is a character from Popular anime “Attack on Titan“. She is a member of the 104th graduating class and a close friend to Historia while she went by Krista, to whom she holds romantic feelings. In truth, Ymir was originally a chimpanzee-like 7-meter (23 ft) Titan that is nimble enough to several larger ones with her speed, claws, and teeth. By coincidence, having been outside Wall Maria for sixty years, Ymir ended up gaining the ability to assume human form during the fall of Wall Maria.

This occurred by her eating Marcel, a Titan Shifter who was a friend of Reiner and Bertolt. After infiltrating the city, having intended to use her as a bargaining chip to be spared retaliation for Marcel’s death, Ymir came to accept her new found humanity after meeting Historia. Eventually, Ymir’s true identity to revealed as she is captured alongside Eren by Reiner and Bertolt in their Titan forms.

Initially resisting against Reiner and Bertolt’s efforts to capture her and Eren, Ymir later decides to assist them after they assure her that they can protect Historia as well. But after abandoning them to follow Connie when he saves her friend, Ymir tells Historia to leave with the other Survey Corps. As revealed in the epilogue of Chapter 50.5, Ymir turned herself over to Reiner and Bertolt as their prisoner.


When Reiner asks why Ymir is willing to sacrifice herself, she reveals it as a way of thanking them for as it was the only way she could revert back to her human form while musing that playing god is not so bad.

Ymir's Mystery on Attack on Titan
Ymir is one of these who have huge handedly, but the way she gets the power seems different with Eren and the trio, her power is “stolen” from “those guys” that are the companion whence long ago. Ymir hovering in the wall as a giant from about 785, according to her own statement, she was “an abomination to the word for her existence … dead for many other people’s happiness” “got her second life by chance”. Then what’s the reason for her death in 785?

Ymir's Mystery on Attack on Titan
About “rebirth”, there are two major speculations: First, in 785 as a human being, what result the death of Ymir, and then got the accident to “rebirth” as a giant and wandering in the wall for sixty years? Second, 785 year she was turned into a giant by ape Giants (so-called death), wandering in the wall for sixty years, and ate Bailey (companions of Reiner Braun) was changed back to human (rebirth). The dialogue between Bate and Ymir “Do you remember who has been eaten when you get rebirth?” “After all, you do not deliberately eat people”, it is easy to find that the great relationship on her rebirth and eat that giant human-handedly people. Ymir remembered to eat a person five years ago, but couldn’t get the impression of exactlly who it is. This is a big hint.

Ymir's Mystery on Attack on Titan
34 times survery mentioned earlier, a speak-able giant mistook Yi Erze of Ymir and showed respect, the reason is still unknown, and why the human form of Ymir can be recognized by giant, giants show respect for what? Is there any relations on her death in 785?

Ymir's Mystery on Attack on Titan
She knows a kind of language, will it be about her life experience? She seemed to know a lot of mystery about the world and the Giants, such as “the real enemy of human beings”. In the giant forest, Reiner asked giant Ymir if there will have activities tonight, he asked “Is this the point you are very clear?” from which can easy see Ymir actually knows a lot mysteries. She also knew the giant ape can put humans into a giant.

Ymir's Mystery on Attack on Titan
Her nature is not really bad and with very simple purpose: to make herself and Christa survive (though she admitted using Christa’s identity). Also she inferred after Connie village were turned into a giant, indirectly prompt people present. From all the above information, we can find out taht to contrary to human she was really unwilling. Ymir is bound to be a key figure in pushing the story, set in her and Grisha giant ape than it surpasses.

Ymir's Mystery on Attack on Titan

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