How To Choose A Cosplay Costume

After watching various kinds of fantastic anime and manga, have you ever come up with the idea that I want to become one of the characters in the anime? There are so many popular and famous cosplay roles for you to choose from, such as Naruto, Itachi, Natsu, Ichigo, Asuna, Ciel, etc.


However, it depends on which anime do you like most. The most impressed anime jumping into my mind are Yuri on Ice, Love Live!, Fairy Tail, Tokyo Ghoul, Attack on Titan, and many other excellent anime. But how to choose the most suitable cosplay costume for yourself? It’s possible that you get stuck for ideas. Don’t worry, this article will help you to pick the perfect cosplay costume for you.


























1.Think about the Appearance of Costume

You surely know that you are sexy, funny, cute, perky, angry, or scary in everyday life. The cosplay costume can provide a great excuse to show another side of yourself you don’t usually get a chance to share. Or on the other hand, the costume can emphasize a side of you that everyone knows well.

Then you need to decide which colors you like to wear. If you like bright colors, choose fairies, maids, ghosts, and other similar cosplay costumes. Some anime full of dark colors may not be ideal for you, such as Black Butler, Death Note, Hellsing Ultimate, etc.



You should also consider your interest. For example, if you like sports, you may choose a costume design from Yuri on Ice; if you like games, please select a League of Legends costume; if you like history, Vampire Knight may be your option.


2.Setting Your Budget

Budget always matters a lot, especially for those teenagers or students who do not have any income yet. A cosplay costume is not so cheap because of the fabrics and complicated patterns made by experienced tailors. The costumes need to be looking the same as the cosplay characters in anime which add extra working to imitate the appearance and materials of the original ones.

Online cosplay costume stores often hold sales events on holidays occasionally. You can check the stores before Halloween or Christmas for a discount. From RoleCosplay, you can receive coupons of big discounts before holidays or during Member’s Day event which is held once every month.



3.Be Inspired by Others and Select A Store

When it comes to the final step, you need to search for your favorite anime characters and learn more about them. Once you decide who you want to cosplay, online costume reviews will help a lot. From the real costume reviews provided by the passionate cosplayers, you can learn much about the costumes, such as material, styles, quality, price, origin, color, etc.

Different online costume stores aim on different customers and provide different types of cosplay costumes. Take RoleCosplay as an example, it offers a complete line of anime cosplay costumes for global anime lovers with instant worldwide delivery.




In conclusion, research before buying a cosplay costume and save your time to choose the right one. Learn more about the anime you love and enjoy your cosplay of the famous anime characters with high quality and cost-effective anime cosplay costumes!

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