High Light Your Wig And Make It Curly

High light your wig and make it curly.

The tooles we are going to use are:
Curling iron*1, Settl comb*1, Scissors*1, Wig care solution*1, Hari spray*1, Hot melt glue gun*1
23.1. Put the wig on the model.
2. The hair piece should be attched in the inner of wig by Hot Melt Adhesive. 5.
3. Clip the wig.
4. With the help of a curling iron and the wig can be curly. 7
5. The wig will be setted after it was cooling. So after the wig was heated, something is cylindric can help to finish curly wig. 8
6. If you need a rough look, you can rub the wig when it is hot. 9
7. Spray for shaping. 10Done!