Fate/Apocrypha Mordred FGO Costume Review

Hey…do you think I’ll be a better knight than my father? Mmh is that so? ~

Ok, this cosplay given to me by Rolecosplay is absolutely stunning! 💞
This is Mordred costume!


Colors are perfect (I think red really suits me tho 👌🏻)
The fabric is really good, resistant, and it doesn’t look shiny or cheap at all
Maybe, the only thing you need to know about this cosplay is that the stockings weren’t included, in the package I found a pair of collant instead, but I think everyone have at least a pair of black stockings, so no big deal
In my opinion it doesn’t even need too many adjustments because the size is totally ok for me, this is an S size, my measurements are: 81 chest, 62 waist and 90 hips, so if you have measurements similar to mine the S will be perfect for you!
So, what do you think of me as Mordred? ❤️

CC3520A1-S CC3520A1-S-2