Review For Emilia Cosplay Set —- Re: Zero

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Hi guys! How are you?

Today I’m going to review the cosplay of Emilia from the anime “Re:Zero” offered by the amazing online store “Role Cosplay“.


Before starting, I would like to digress slightly about the character —- Emilia. She is the main female protagonist of anime Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World. She is a beautiful Half Elf with long silver hair and purple blue eyes. She wears a white and purple outfit along with a white flower in her hair.


Now, let’s start!
When the package arrived, I immediately noticed how it was well wrapped and that allowed the perfect delivery of the item. In fact the dress was into a transparent twist-it-on twist-it-off bag really good to conserve or transport it during cosplay events! Indeed, in the package there was also a little gift from Role Cosplay: a nice pin.


Once started the unboxing, I have carefully observed the whole content.
There was:

~ The white and purple dress;
~ A white pleated pencil skirt;
~ A pair of purple and white knee – highs socks;
~ A silver straight long wig;
~ A braid removable headband;
~ A white rose hairclip with purple ribbons.


I was immediately struck by the richness of details. Everything was perfectly true to the dress of the original character.

♥ The dress features a white and violet collar with a emerald green gem below.
♥ The bodice presents a purple curl in the upper part, while the chest part is decorated with bandings vertically of the same color, which end up to contour the entire shape of the dress.
♥ The sleeves also have a curl similar to that of the bodice and end with a print of excellent quality.
♥ There is a zipper on the back that starts from the collar.


♥ The white pleated miniskirt has on the bottom a purple ribbon and you can open and close it through a zipper.


♥ The white and purple knee highs socks made of a soft and resistent fabric are well finished and they have an enviable wereability.


The cosplay cost is very gorgeous. You can choose your size from the S to the XXXL, and you can find the mesures in the size guide below and on the website.


♥ As regards the wig, it is composed by a long silver base that needsto be fixed (you have to cut the bangs) and a braid removable headband with the coolest Emilia accessory: the white rose hairclip with purple ribbons that u can put in easy way on the wig. This is made with kanekalon fiber and is 100% high temperature resistant!


I love it! It’s stright, soft and it can be easily brushed. Indeed the colour is really faithful to that one of the original character! Lastly, thanks to the braid removable headband, you can use the wig also without braid for other characters!


I don’t know exactly the part I prefer the most of this costume but I can assure you that wearing it has been wonderful.


Indeed, if you like too much this character and you wanna do other versions, you can buy them on Role Cosplay too!

PINK dress:

CHIFFON dress:


Role cosplay is one of my favurite store! Try it!


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