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I received my Subaru Sakamaki cosplay From Rolecosplay last Saturday and I tried it on last Sunday.Diabolik-Lovers-Subaru-Sakamaki-cosplay-costumes-7

I am really happy with how it looks like and how it fits.

I had it custom made to my own sizes and I was afraid they wouldn’t get it right. ( As that has happened before with another company.) But to my surprise it fits like a glove.

The feeling of the fabric on my skin is really nice and everything fits just right.


Also the price you pay for such quality is also right and it comes with trousers which have actual deep pockets.

It comes in looking just like the picture on their website which is a huge + point.


Also the communication with Rolecosplay is really smooth and they’re really nice.

They send it out rather quickly.

When something was wrong with it they send me a mail that it was send back to the factory and they kept in contact with me.


After it was shipped out for the second time I received a mail that they also put a present into my parcel to apologize for the problems with the costume and shipping.

I paid for express shipping. And I must say…it was indeed really fast after they had shipped it out. It took less than 4 days to arrive at my place.

The present I got with my costume which is always convenient.

I paid 79 dollar for the costume and every cent was worth it.


I’d definitely reccomend this company and would buy from them again

+ points

* The fabric feels nice

* It looks good

* The trousers have pockets

* It looks just like the picture on their site

* The communication with the company is really good.

* The size was just like I asked them to make it. ( not too big, not too small. just right )