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Black Lady Sailor Moon Cosplay Wigs Review


This wig is AWESOME! I always said that l’email wig had the best wigs I’ve ever tried and since Rolecosplay and l’email wig are partners and sell same quality wigs I’m very happy about this sponsored review.

Shop: Rolecosplay

Model: Black Lady Sailor Moon Cosplay Wig

Shipping time: 1 month (China post)


I received this wig in 30 days, pretty common for any online purchase outside Europe. It was double packaged, first in the common plastic bag and then in a cardboard box. It was pretty cute to receive a Rolecosplay pin


You can see the full unboxing video at the end of this review.

It was divided in 5 pieces:

Short ponytails wig

2 Buns

2 longs ponytails (130cm)


I think that color is even better than the reference pic!

BlackLady1_R1 (1)

I love the think that wig hair is splitted in half to achieve that ”natural ponytails line” on the wig.


On the back, it’s possible that real hair shows, but I think that combing it better and putting it on a skin color hairnet could help to solve this problem, so I don’t consider it as a wig cap problem or thickness problem.

Ponytails are ± 1.30cm long and look how pretty long they are ! I’m 163cm tall.


I really love and recommend this wig, can’t wait to work on Black Lady costume!