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Come to speak out the cosplay u have done!

Cosplay is a kind of entertainment and an activity which needs action and communication. People who haven’t touched cosplay may think it boring. As for me, it’s in university that I first learned about cosplay, the hyperbolic cosplay wigs and costume is ugly for me. However, after experiencing it in a Halloween day, I changed my thought and started enjoying it. Then, we thought tons of cosplay ideas like pikachu cosplay, kakashi cosplay, Japanese cosplay and so on. Finally we chose the Armed Detective Agency. Do not have idea to Armed Detective Agency? post some pics for u.

cosplay costume and wigs

Then we decided to buy some cosplay costume in online cosplay shop , cosplay clothing is hard to choose, finally, we found what we want in a cosplay store online, it’ really cheap and special enough, which brought us much applause in Halloween perform. What’s more, there are many activity in that cosplay store. And my Bungou Stray Dogs Akiko Yosano Armed Detective Agency Cosplay Costumes is bought with a 30% discount. My cosplay role is the medic of the Armed Detective Agency. Her ability is called Thou Shalt Not Die, which allows her to heal others and even herself, but only works as long as the person is half dead to begin with, so she usually injures them herself. Now posting the pic, is that cool?

Bungou Stray Dogs Akiko Yosano Armed Detective Agency Cosplay Costumes

I think it will be better to buy a special cosplay wig. Another Halloween day is on the way, do u have some cosplay ideas or have tried someone? JUST SPEAK OUT TO SHARE WITH US!