Tips to choose wigs fitting you

Wigs, with the features of stylish design, practical and convenient has attracted more and more people’s attention especially young girls, they are keen to  wearing wigs,however,most people failed to find the right wigs.then, how can we choose a suitable wigs?

First, material is the key point.wigs including Chemical fiber silk, real human hair, and blended real hair wigs, if you wanna find a wig for daily life wearing,real human hair and blended real hair wigs are suitable.while for cosplay wigs, Chemical fiber silk is the best choice,by the way, posting some cosplay wigs pics.

cosplay wigs

cosplay wigs

Next, the size,length and weight, Wig size can be divided into general mechanisms code wigs have three sizes, small 52-54cm, No. 55-57cm, L 58-60cm. choosing according to your head type,besides.the weight of wig had better be about 0.38 kg.

Thirdly. the after service of seller, sometimes we may buy the unsuitable wigs or even wigs with quality problem. so safe guarantee is a must. of course, we should also consider wig price, we can find some wigs stores online to choose. wigs manufacturer is a better choice.

Last but not least, the color of wigs, Choose the wig hair color as far as possible to fit your own skin color hair color, fair-skinned lady can choose light brown, brown; black color of the lady make the choice of black or brown; while yellow color of lady chose maroon and dark brown and so on. If you need to reach the light wig, then select wine red, yellow, orange and red, purple ect. these are some wigs pics, which one do you like best?( by rolecosply)

coaplay wigs supplier