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Chainsaw Man: Manga VS Anime

Compared to manga, Chainsaw Man anime cuts some plot. For better or worse, it does cause some controversy. Let’s take a look at what’s different!


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☛The first episode

There is no big difference between the first episode of anime and manga in terms of plot. And the animation group uses more animation to represent the world of Chainsaw Man. In the opening, the nightmare of Denji, scenes about Denji and Pochita‘s life, Pochita’s lovely actions, and sound effects are added.

Chainsaw Man Manga VS Anime (3)

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☛The second episode

The cuts to the second season sparked a heated debate. What was cut was the slaying of the Muscle Devil:

When Makima and Denji first meet, Makima takes him to eat udon noodles. The two meet a father who comes for help, and his daughter is caught by a Muscle Devil. Makima orders Denji to try to save the girl or she will kill him because he is her dog. When Denji finds the little girl and the Muscle Devil, the devil manipulates the little girl to deceive Denji. Denji thinks the demon and the girl are friends, just like Denji and Pochita. Denji feels sympathy and wants to escape with the little girl and the demon. As a result, he is attacked by a muscle devil. In the end, Denji turns into chainsaw man and kills the devil, successfully saving the little girl.

Chainsaw Man Manga VS Anime (6)

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In addition to the removed changes, the animation also adds a lot of details not found in the manga. For example, when Denji first puts on his uniform, he wouldn’t wear a tie, Makima ties it for him. Aki in life: washing clothes, doing housework, cutting hair, enriching the character image.

☛The third episode

Compared to the second episode, the third episode of the anime has relatively few changes.

Chainsaw Man Manga VS Anime (2)


Notable changes: The anime has more fighting scenes than the manga, and the Bat devil and chainsaw man fighting scenes are original.

At the same time, the father and daughter who appear in the deleted previous plot of Muscle Demon seem to appear.

Chainsaw Man Manga VS Anime (5)

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I have to say, for the anime team, it is a great challenge to make every episode great. As an original manga is a very excellent work, Chainsaw Man animation placed great expectations. So far, the animation’s performance has sparked heated debate among viewers, with both praise and criticism. But the success of Chainsaw animation depends on the following performance, let’s wait and see.


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