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✨ Blonde Lolita Wig Review ✨

This 65cm blonde lolita wig is from and is surprising only $18! It comes with a base wig (65cm) and two clip on ponytails (55cm) made out of heat resistant fibers. This wig is shown as it came, I have not cut or styled it at all.

✨ Blonde Lolita Wig Review ✨

Colour – 4/5
It is actually a very nice blonde so I’m pretty happy with it. I’m always worried about blonde wigs being too shiny or fake looking, but I did not have that problem. My boyfriend even said it looked like it could be my real hair from the back.

Quality – 4/5
I’m very pleased with the overall quality of this wig! It’s super thick and easily the heaviest wig I own at the moment. As I already said, it could pass for real hair if you’re just looking at it. You could probably tell it is a wig by feeling it, but it’s very soft nonetheless.


✨ Blonde Lolita Wig Review ✨

Style: 5/5
The first thing I said when I put on the base wig was “it’s so pretty!”. The curls are so cute and I’m kind of sad that I might end up straightening them out eventually for my Misa cosplay.

Overall: 4/5
If I was taking the price of this wig into account, it would easily get a perfect score. The quality of this wig goes far beyond $18, in my opinion. The shipping was super fast (arriving within a week) and the people at Role Cosplay were very friendly and easy to communicate with. I would definitely buy from them in the future!


✨ Blonde Lolita Wig Review ✨
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