80 Long Rainbow Cosplay Wig Review For Rolecosplay

80 Long Rainbow Cosplay Wig Review I’ve posted on my Youtube as a review on Rolecosplay wigs. Well I accidentally deleted a clip! I feel like i left so much out when i hit delete on a 30 second clip. So i decided i should write about Rolecosplay.

I received the 80 CM straight rainbow wig and fell in love with it. The hair was so soft i almost felt like i was dreaming. I even did an idiotic thing and wore the wig to play basketball! Well i assumed that the wig would act like my others, completely drench my head in sweat and fall off. It didn’t . the wig stayed on the whole four hours and didn’t make me sweat any more than normal.

One thing I didn’t count on was losing my wig head. So like a complete newbie i just left my wig on the desk over night. and by left on the desk i mean just tossed it on there and forgot about it to morning when i realized it fell on the floor. No worries though. I just quickly made a makeshift stand from cardboard and combed it out. To my surprise it immediately went right back to the long straight beautiful rainbow it was when i opened it. I’ve never had a long wig that has done this before. Normally when my wigs get tangled up i have to wash them, then comb then ( After it dried of course!)  Even after all the sweat that should be stored in the wig , it does not need washed yet. I’ll make another post about the Rolecosplay wig after its first wash to share with everyone.
80 Long Rainbow Cosplay Wig Review For Rolecosplay
Here let’s show the video:

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