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ZONE-00 Princess Hime Shirayuri Cosplay Costume

SKU: wp-191

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Includes: Dresses

Material: Uniform cloth

Net Weight: 0.70kg

Shipping Weight: 0.80kg

Shown Color: Blue

Care Instructions: Hand wash in cold water, hang to dry, no bleach

Features: Bright color and excellent tailoring skills show your sexy body, and designed with high quality material, this costume will surely make you a bright spot in the party.

Character Introduction: Hime Shirayuri is the witch of the east and the princess of the Shirayuri house. Her familiar is Kurobara Renji (a.k.a. Kurobe) who is a hell hound. Hime use to attend Korin school for girls but after Ango Shima and Mayoko transfered to a new school Hime decided to follow them. She habors feelings for Kurobara Rouji(Renji's twin) much to Renji and her brother, Ohtono Shirayuri dislike. The creature world has been undercontrol by either her family or the Kurobara house.


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ZONE-00 Princess Hime Shirayuri Cosplay Costume

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