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Tsukiuta Shimotsuki Shun Anime Wigs Short Grey Synthetic Wigs CB82

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    Tsukiuta Shimotsuki Shun Anime Wigs Short Grey Synthetic Wigs CB82


    Characters:Shimotsuki Shun

    Wig Material:Heat Resistant Fiber

    Category:Anime wig

    Cap Construction:Capless

    Wig Type:Short

    Wig Length:25cm/9.84inch


    Net Weight:0.35kg

    Shipping Weight:0.45kg

    Features:This hair wig is from the role Shimotsuki Shun who is captain of Procellarum , unpredictable white devil .

    Character Introduction:Shun is bizarre and unpredictable, doing what he pleases without much thought or restraint. He tends to have a meaningful smile on him, and behaves or speaks mysteriously, but his close friends would be able to tell that they don't actually hold any deep meaning. He is also playful and fun-loving. While he dislikes and is weak against obligation, and often pushes some of this tasks as Procellarum's leader to Kai, he can actually work very earnestly, although it is unknown what he thinks about during those moments.