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TIGER & BUNNY Blue Rose Karina Cosplay Costume

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Includes: Dress, waistcoat, cap

Material: Uniform cloth

Net Weight: 1.10kg

Shipping Weight: 1.30kg

Shown Color: Pink

Care Instructions: Hand wash in cold water, hang to dry, no bleach

Features: The cool design and the high quality will be suitable for you.

Character Introduction: Karina becomes unsure of her direction as a hero, claiming she had only become one as a stepping stone to Tigernadd (20) her ambition for a singing career. Kotetsu questions her attitude toward being a hero and at first, she doesn't bother to listen. He speaks with her following one of her piano performances, urging her to do what makes her happiest. Soon after, she is faced with a critical decision when she is called to replace an ill performer at the same time as a crisis in the city demands the heroes' attention. Karina opts to perform piano instead of answering the call on her hero bracelet. While she is busy playing, the bar TV shows coverage of the situation with the heroes and she starts to doubt her choice. Ultimately, she leaves the performance early in order to provide Wild Tiger and Barnaby with much-needed assistance. Having finally reached a satisfactory decision, she states that she intends to save people because it's what she wants to do.


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TIGER & BUNNY Blue Rose Karina Cosplay Costume

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